Ethical & Circular Fashion | Two Collections
All with fabric recycled by myself from local resources
Free repairs after purchase | Sustainable | Responsible | Unique

Each piece is made from fabrics recycled by myself. I buy sheets, curtains and covers in cotton, canvas and linen too and especially jeans, in order to transform them into unique pieces. I like to favor the interior and exterior pockets. Some items have handmade bias, with colored sheets. The models remain the same, it is the material that changes.

The fasteners and buttons also come from the recovery of other garments already cut. Often people give me old boxes of grandmothers, containing wonders for a seamstress.

The Nîmes Collection

All the pieces are models for women, classic and original. The jeans allow me to give free rein to my creativity to offer you unique pieces with a very contemporary look and comfortable to wear. Each outfit remains unique.

The Eco-Responsible Collection

This collection highlights unique pieces of cotton, canvas, linen, printed from fabrics recycled by myself.

I rework the material and color it to make a dress or skirt full of color and fantasy or a sober and elegant top. Look at the LookBook on the home page.


All the items are available for sale online here, in my Etsy shop, at markets and on the open workshop days.