My story

Where does Zihna come from?

English native, I have lived in France in the Pyrenees, for 28 years .


I have a very long and loving story of creation, styling, adventure, travel, art, sewing, images, graphics & computer graphics ...
Since the age of 10 I have sewn as I please with fabrics found everywhere. Often it was fabrics recovered from second-hand clothes and charities. My taste for fashion and styling has always passioned me and I was looking forward to the moment when I could re devote all my time to sewing.

The time has come and Zihna is born.


Delighted to discover the phenomenon of 'Fashion Revolution' * I immediately started to do a market research study,

AKA Maeyana Clothing , to plan my future project.
The ethical fashion network is stimulating, motivating and gives me a lot of inspiration!  Within this movement I find my 80's "heroes", Vivienne Westwood, and Katharine Hamnett .


I also find new influences like Livia Firth, Orsola de Castro and Mrs Press ... Eco-Age, Fashion Revolution  and Wardrobe Crisis respectively,  to name only three of my influences,

because everyone is active ...

What happiness!
I am at the same time stylist, manufacturer, seller and revolutionary!


An eternal traveler, I believe in transforming dreams into reality. Every day we can all make small personal gestures to fight against waste and thus preserve the natural colors of life.

My life is a constant current of energy, activity & new ideas. I like spontaneity.



(Le nom Zihna veut dire 'tourner' en Hopi Amérindien)
Ravie de découvrir le phénomène de 'Fashion Revolution' je me suis lancée dans une étude de marché, AKA Maeyana Clothing, afin de planifier et affiner mon futur projet.

Le monde de la mode éthique est stimulant, motivant et très inspirant ! Je redécouvre mes "héros" des 80's, Vivienne Westwood, et Katharine Hamnett.

Je découvre de nouvelles influences comme Livia Firth, Orsola de Castro et Mrs Press, dans cette ordre ces femmes sont activement présente sur les réseaux de Eco-Age, Fashion Revolution et Wardrobe Crisis.
Ces personnes m’inspirent au quotidien et me donnent l’envie de continuer à produire éthique.


Quel bonheur !

Je suis à la fois couturière, vendeuse, styliste et révolutionnaire !

Ma monde et mes inspirations