In order to soak up my atmosphere and understand my inspirations and influences, I invite you to consult my LookBook.
A collection of photos of the models and fabrics available for sale at the market ...
You will find here photos of models available for sale at the market as well as older articles already sold.
All of these pieces are made from fabrics found in Emmaus stores and Red Cross stores in my area.
I favor natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk according to my inspirations.
I cut, I mix and I recreate a fabric which I then use to make all my pieces.
Everything here is also made in colour.


Je privilégie les matières naturelles comme le coton, le lin ou la soie en fonction de mes inspirations.
Je coupe, je mélange et je recrée un tissu qui me sert ensuite à confectionner toutes mes pièces.
Toute est surtout fabriqué avec des jolies couleurs.

The Eco-Responsible Collection

This collection comes from fabrics all in colours, cotton, linen and canvas, simple or printed, they are made from sheets, curtains, and other fabrics which i buy from charities. Once purchased, I wash the fabrics before cutting the pieces I use to create my clothing lines and accessories.

The Nîmes Collection

​It is made only from recycled jeans. Each piece of fabric is recovered and reused to make classic, ecological and comfortable clothing.

All creations are available for sale here online, on the markets and at the open workshop days at Sainte Croix Volvestre