De Nîmes Collection  |

On sale here / in the Etsy shop & at the Saint Aubin market in Toulouse, on Sundays.
100% recycled | 100% ecological | 100% recycled jeans
All the clothes in the Nîmes Collection are made from recycled jeans. I buy unused jeans, often destined to be destroyed and I transform them. I cut, I sew to recreate pieces of fabric that I use to create clothes.

All the fabrics in the collection come from jeans recovered and recycled by me.

I cut the jeans that nobody wants anymore and I transform them into a dress, jacket or even a bag.

I buy whole bags of jeans from La Croix Rouge, often these jeans are destined for destruction.


It takes between 2 and 5 jeans to make a new garment. I chose jeans based on the color and shade of blue. I place the parties cut out on the table and I arrange the pieces of jeans according to my desires. Then I sew all the pieces together to have a whole fabric wide enough to put my pattern on.


But I don't throw anything away. Everything that is not used is kept and used for my other creations, rugs, small bags, bumbags, etc. By the end of the year, all of these new items made from reused jeans will also be available in my shop.


There is not a lot of waste here ...